We at Tradeomatic Enterprise (India) Private Limited, a dynamic and innovative company, announced its inception as a game-changer in the hygiene industry. Established with a commitment to deliver high-quality personal hygiene products that enhance the well-being of individuals across all age groups.

Tradeomatic is poised to revolutionise the Indian Personal Hygiene segment with its product range under its two international brands, TokiBaby, which caters to baby care, and TokiHealth, which caters to adult care. They have a wide product range from baby diapers to adult diapers, wet wipes for babies and adults, underpads, disposable breast pads, sanitary napkins, tissues, soaps, etc., to name a few. We offer the majority of the above products in two segments i.e. Premium and Standard at affordable pricing.

"Tradeomatic Adheres To The Spirit Of "Honesty, Enthusiasm, Professionalism And Dedication."

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